Before Entering the Tunnel 
  • Check fuel gauge​​

  • Tune into FM radio station to hear safety instructions, in case of incident

  • Switch on headlights

  • Take off your sunglasses

  • ​Obey lane control signs

  • ​​Observe height restriction (4.6m max)

Safe Conduct in the Tunnel 
  • Obey the speed limit​

  • Bicycles are prohibited​​

  • Maintain a safe distance  between vehicles​​​

  • Stay in lane, do not overtake​

  • Do not turn or reverse

  • Do not stop, except in an emergency, until you have left the tunnel and are clear of the exit

Accident or Emergency
  • Switch on your warning lights​

  • Switch off the engine​​

  • Stay close to your vehicle​​

  • Call for help from a safety panel

  • If your vehicle is on fire, if possible drive out of the tunnel

  • If that is not possible, pull over, switch off the engine and leave the vehicle immediately, use the nearest emergency exit​

  • Call for help from a safety panel​​

  • If you can, put out the fire using fire fighting appliances (extinguisher or hose reel) available at the safety panels in the tunnel

Dublin Tunnel Control Building

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