Terms & Conditions

Dublin Tunnel Exemption Cards permits the disabled driver or passenger travelling in a specially adapted vehicles to use the Dublin Tunnel toll-free. The card is valid for two years and must be renewed before the expiration date or when the car has been changed.


To receive an Exemption Card, you must provide the following:

1. Application form

2. Passport photo

3. Copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate or Copy of Current Tax Disc.

To be granted toll free travel:
  • You must present a valid Exemption Card at a manned toll booth.


  • The vehicle must match the information on the Exemption Card.


  • The Exemption Card owner must be present in the vehicle.


The toll free travel will NOT be granted if:
  • The Exemption Card cannot be presented.


  • The Exemption Card has expired.


  • The vehicle does not match the information on the Exemption Card.


  • The Exemption Card owner is not present in the vehicle.


Please inform us if:
  • Your Exemption Card has been lost or stolen.

  • Your Exemption Card is about to expire and you would like to request a renewal.

  • You have changed your car.

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