Information for Hauliers

Dublin Tunnel is a dedicated route for trucks and busses over 25 seats. It links Dublin Port to the M50 and the National Roads Network. This means a journey time of 6 minutes, approximately, from Dublin Port in the heart of the city to the M50 interchange at Coolock. The Toll Plaza at the southern end has a barrier-free, left-hand truck lane to ensure traffic freeflow for Heavy Goods Vehicles.

Fire Points, Exits & Safety Equipment

Tunnel Operator
The Operator has full jurisdiction in the Tunnel. Drivers must obey instructions.

Average Speed Cameras

Speed enforcement is now operational at Dublin Tunnel.

FM Radio Break-in Facility
Tune into FM radio stations to hear safety instructions, in case of incident.

CCTV is in operation throughout the tunnel.

Loudspeakers and Electronic Variable Message Signs will be used to give instructions.

Emergency Stations
Emergency Stations on the left have direct telephones to Operator and fire extinguishers.

Pedestrian Exit
Exit by Pedestrian cross passages when instructed to do so.

Emergency Lay-bys
There are four emergency lay-bys on the left, every 1km.

Fire Fighting
There are fire fighting niches with hydrants every 125m and hose reels every 60m.

Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Maximum permissible height is 4.65m.

  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Specific rules apply for hazardous loads (Lo-Call 1890 25 24 35 for more information).

  • No overtaking for Vehicles with 3 axles or more.

  • Drivers of vehicles over 2.9m must book in advance, please read the attached.

Dublin Tunnel Control Building

East Wall Road, Dublin D03 NH33 Ireland 

Phone: (01) 884 8442 | Email:

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